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Initiated during one of the screen printing sessions at our university, this project makes wonderful visuals out of - otherwise unpleasant - faulty prints.

In collaboration with Paridhi Yadav (

Waste is Wonder

Waste is wonder top


The screen-printing technique requires a lot of prepping. In the process of preparing the press, there is a lot of ink and paper going to the recycle bin. 

Here, these papers are collected and reprinted in order to create an interesting composition. Oftentimes, they were also photographed to add elements digitally. The compositions were then dried, trimmed, and scanned to arrive at the final appearance.


Although the material itself is not getting upcycled, the very intent of this initiative was to add just another cycle of use to the paper that would end up in the trash anyways. 

The initiative 'Waste is Wonder' was started by Videet Desai and Manasa Krishnan, who perpetually work towards up cycling and recycling the material we waste as a design community. 

We encourage others in the design community to take this initiative forward, making our line of work far more sustainable.

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