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TIFIN Wealth is a personalised investment proposal generation platform that uses advanced risk alignment as its foundation and can enhance an advisor’s client view through simple goal-based planning and a financial personality assessment.

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The primary goal was to design a streamlined dashboard experience for Financial Advisors to have a comprehensive insight on their clients. The dashboard would serve as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that functions as a super app, containing multi-faceted capabilities. 

Additionally, the POC (Proof of Concept) solution would define the framework and the visual system for an evolving suite of tools that enable advisors to deep dive into their client's personality, risk appetite and growth plans.

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Client Assessments

Advisors send out assessments to their clients to get a holistic understanding of their personality, financial risk and plan for future. TIFIN Wealth also consolidates data gathered from the assessments into quick insights for advisors to learn from. This enables advisors to take tailored and sound decisions for their clients.

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Research and Workshop

Conceiving the idea for an extensive financial super app starts with thorough research. Its vital to conduct user study and build personas to fully understand the extent to which this platform would be used by advisors and clients alike.

Workshops were carried out in a systemic manner - charting user roles, defining capabilities, and building a feature list to well equip the platform. 

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Consolidation and Wireframes

Data from research and workshops were  analysed by stakeholders on multiple levels of the product to check viability and production timelines. It was then refined to create a detailed product building framework. 

Narrowed down information makes it practical to quickly churn out wireframes. These go through speed runs with product managers and developers simultaneously to gauge technical feasibility.

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Data Science

This section of the platform takes in large lists of clients including all of their data (personal details, investment portfolios, growth plan charts, etc) and runs it through a TIFIN algorithm which analyses it. This in turn outputs key metrics and scores each individual based on top prospects.

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