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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, T2, Mumbai

Mumbai Airport top
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Site Visit

Hosted by Mr. Murali Varadarajan (Vice President Operations, GVK) the visit was initiated for familiarisation, data collection and inventory building purposes.



With reference to all collected and available data, schematic sketches and level overviews were created to get a clearer understanding of the terminal buildings.

Passenger flow was studied in detail and mapped for every level. This revealed insights on intuitive navigation from the interior design, as well as crowd channeling.

Case Studies

Signages from multiple airports were studied and the constituent elements were mapped. Other airports who have excelled in the wayfinding domain were also looked at in depth for how the system works as a whole.

Information Design

A plethora of iterations were made exploring information layouts in pursuit of minimising visual data clustering.

Case Studies

Multiple colour palettes were created and applied keeping in mind the brand identity, legibility, accessibility and practicality of the produced signages.

Pictograms & Typefaces

Although not dealt with in detail, pictogram design was explored and the style with the base grid was fully established. 

Typefaces were printed at different sizes to mimic use cases and then chosen from based on their legibility and cohesiveness with the visual identity.

Printing 1:1

Signs were designed and printed to scale for troubleshooting legibility and overall information hierarchy.

Material Simulation

Signs were modelled in Rhinoceros 3D to be rendered in Keyshot. This enabled experimentation with materials that led to decisions for fabrication. Aspects like light diffusing quality of acrylic could be simulated on software and narrowed down on prior to prototyping.

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